The Evening Winter Edit

I can go on for days about summer evening’s  those late nights on the beach with no hassel of layers or umbrella’s…. but let’s face it. It’s still Winter. That’s not going to change for another month.

The hardest thing about winter, isn’t what to wear everyday, it’s what to wear when your going out in the evening’s or even OUT OUT. If you aren’t going to wear a wine blanket, or not prepared to brave it the chilly temperatures then it’s probably best to start matching coats and jackets to your evening sparkle.

In winter it’s not just the struggle to raid our closest’s for a dress with long arms, thicker material and anything that might keep us slightly warmer. But we also have to consider layers and slightly more suitable footwear. I mean I for one hate having my toes out in heeled stiletto’s. So I then think heeled boots!

I thought it might be a little helpful to create a Winter Evening Edit. A selection of pieces with all the sparkles and glam of a summer night but with thought into the practicality of a winters evening.