A stay at the Interior Restylist

Follow your passion and it will lead to your purpose. That’s exactly what Amy Applebee, the interior artist, designer and now professional home stager did.

The idea of home staging is dressing a house for success. “They can take a blank canvas and paint a sensuous portrait without ever lifting a paint brush. Stagers possess the skills of a top-level designer and they create dramatic scenery that appeals to all five senses.” – Elizabeth Weintraub

Recently I stayed in a gorgeous Air BnB, the style and creative vibe of the property really made this lodge feel like a home away from home. Each corner decorated to perfection, capturing a relaxing and modern aesthetic.

For anyone in the property business it’s a given that home staging and interior styling is the key from not just selling a property but selling a home. The art of home staging is all about the small details, personalisation- it’s like wearing a little black dress and making it pop with red lips.

Amy the creative mastermind behind the Interior Restylist designs an experience, one that alignes with the clients ideas and passion. My stay at Primrose cottages the interior complimented the gorgeous country cottage feel of the village Radlett but the interior also expressed an upbeat, fun city style. It was a perfect place for hosting cocktail parties but also escaping from the business of London, an overall a stylish and modern home in the walls of a stunning cottage.

Can you tell I love interior? It’s so wonderful to share the creative journey of Amy following her dreams and nailing the start of the Interior Restylist. I am super excited to see what projects are next up her sleeve. From Air Bnb’s, offices to family homes, you go girlll..💃

On this note, being inspired by Amy I’ve summed up my top home styling pieces of the moment, here’s my top 5.