Moving from the city to the country X TOBI

Rebecca Carpenter Photography | Angelique Knit Skater Dress- TOBI

While driving back for Christmas to the families house on a cold December evening, after a long day working in the city, we had the first thought. The air feels cleaner, the smell is far better and most our community is here. Why have we never considered moving back into the countryside.

We both grew up by the ocean, enjoy walking and outdoor activities plus we find ourselves doing long drives back most weekends to do exactly these things. It seem’s like a no brainer?

Rebecca Carpenter Photo | Brynn Embroidered Cold Shoulder Romper- TOBI

As you guys know I work as an blogger and also in fashion so for me it’s essential to remain within the city Monday-Friday, the same as many other people including Ryan my BF.

We love the fast-paced nature of the city, to be in industry the city is THE place to be. But as much as the thrill of work, the determination to build a career and the dedication to make sure it happens, spare time to enjoy life is also important. **Which we should remind ourselves everyday!!**

Rebecca Carpenter Photo | Brynn Embroidered Cold Shoulder Romper- TOBI

We spent months dreaming and debating it. So now we’re doing it.

Rebecca Carpenter Photography

So here we are in the process of moving our things between a house by the beach and a flat in West London, not so looking forward to the commute but we have figured out the journey is actually quicker than tube and bus.

It’s surprising that when you look into doing something you dream of for a while, how it IS actually possible. You just have to put your mind into action and juggle the cards right.

Rebecca Carpenter Photography

I know i’m making it sound like we’re moving into the middle of no-where which is not the case! We’re actually moving down to an area that is supposed to be London’s zone 6 on sea, this the Kentish countryside. Plus i’m super buzzed to be in all these natural location’s to show you guys.

Rebecca Carpenter Photography

So there it is. The move is happening, three years in the city with one in Australia and here we are retreating back!


I would love to thank TOBI for supplying me with these gorgeous outfits. They are a super cute US brand, full of beautiful boho and feminine pieces that i’m sure you’ll love as much as I do! Find them on Instagram @ShopTobi #ShopTobi.


That’s all folks! Have you guys moved away or back to somewhere? Let me know and pop all your thoughts below! ☼♡♢