A taste of summer x Echo Falls

FINALLY! Summertime has arrived and we’ve been spoiled by the warm weather in London. I am delighted to team up with one of my favourite wine brands to show you wonderful ladies and gents the new tastes of summer.

 Echo Falls has transformed this summer, each label attributed to a fun and vibrant colour that works to distinguish the flavours and reflect the grape variety so you can spend less time in the supermarket and more time at home enjoying a glass. #ad

For anyone who knows me personally or just follows along on the blog journey, knows I am a huge wino and foodie. So it was an absolute delight to be able to try and test the White Zinfandel which was perfect for a picnic and a catch up.

OH! We dined like the Italians, dried meats, cheese, salad and breads. Monday’s have never been better. 

 Gone are the days of dreary sommelier pairing notes that grace the back labels; now when you visit the wine aisle you can choose your bottle based on your weekend plans rather than grape variety!

It’s been a rather busy time and outside of the blogging world, I have just finished a BA degree in Journalism. Hurrah! So there was plenty to toast about with my bestfriend in the heart of Holland Park. Next time you’re in need for a perfect tipple to match any occasion pick up a bottle of the newly packaged, brightly coloured Echo Falls (or you can leave the rest to my girls and I.) 😉

Thank you to the wonderful Feels App and Echo Falls, I am very much looking forward to more picnics.

*Echo Falls is priced at RRP £6 and available at supermarkets and off licences nationwide, please drink and act responsibly*