Life Hack 101. Let’s give each-other a break

Sporting vintage Ralph Lauren, taken by Jade Green Brooke


It’s a strange age. Some of us are career hunting, other’s are having children and the rest aren’t quite sure yet.

There is no set route that is right or wrong.

So WHY do we judge each other. We hold onto old perception we have of each other, memories and endless stories. We’re human and that’s natural.

But we also have to remember that we are all SO different from what we were. We’re not kids anymore, we don’t have the same interests than when we were 13-15-17 and we certainly wouldn’t act the same way. So we shouldn’t judge each other so much on what was said, done and heard.

The most supportive and closest of my friends come from school but also the coldest and most judgemental. Speaking internationally to people, friends from uni, yes, it’s a universal thing, this is really common and that’s sad. SO why so much judgement.

Jealously? They’ve taken a different path from you? Or your holding a grudge on someone from year 10? Weren’t deemed as popular? Drop it. Life is too short.

We are all totally guilty of this at times, referring to what someone  did or said that to me in year****. Growing up we all make mistakes, we learn and laugh.

But we have to give each other a break sometimes!

Be kind, there’s much worse things going on in the world to judge and be unfriendly.

This applies to anyone experiencing change, any blogger comparing themselves to others or old and new friends.

We are all completely different people, you never know if you gave someone a chance, you could have more in common now than you think.