Finding gorgeous authentic couture for less


If you ask any girl about couture clothing, i’m sure you’ll pick up a little bit of swooning. There’s such a wonderful novelty about owning your very own piece from one of the world’s leading designers. Although, for most of us it’s a little bit of a pricey dream. That’s why I wanted to share on how you can find couture clothing for less. It all starts with a online community.

Couture Community* clothing, taken by Jade Green Brooke


Couture community is a revolutionary way of owning pre-loved designer items.It’s simple. Couture community ensures that each item are high quality, authenticated and provides a safe, secure progress to purchasing couture pieces.  They are a gateway to providing and ensuring what you are buying, is really what it says it is. The fashion industry’s black market is a unfortunate place where many consumers are mis-led into buying a very fabulous fake buy. 


Fashion investments. I for one, always think twice maybe four/five times before investing in clothing. It’s so important we know what were buying and the experience is worth the coins. This online community provides a environment for fashionista’s, collectors and boutiques who come together to buy and sell pieces they love.

The community encourages each member to share style, discuss your favourite designer, brands and one thing is for certain, nobody is hush about they favourite fashion crush.


You become your own personal style editor at zero risk of being mis-sold, mis-led with an advisor at hand 24/7. I think my favourite section must be the price drop, a consistent update of chanel, jimmy choos that have dropped in price!

I am a couture addict, not that I own that much, but I must spend a-lot of time browsing offline and online. There’s something wonderful about being proud to own a piece that embraces your own style.

I would love to thank couture community for sending me my own Jenny Packham runway dress. This is something that will be dearly treasured in my wardrobe!

If you are interested about joining the couture community, whether thats a cheeky purchase or selling your pre-loved items, find them here. ♡