Trends are inspiration, not guidelines

Cansu O Photography | Denzel Clothing

In the age of Kylie Jenner lips, well maintained brow’s and body enhancements, it’s OK to just be happy with you. Don’t feel that pressure to adapt to what it deemed as perfection, you are great just the way you are.

In the morning I scroll through my social feeds and all I’m consumed in the latest plumping lip product, best bods and ‘perfect’ eyebrows. It’s supposedly seen as sexy, cool and trendy. Yes they look great if you advocate that style of beauty or want to try out something a little different.

My intentions with this post is not to known down those who follow these trends, but a reminder to not feel pressured by these trends promoted by bloggers and magazines alike.

You can fit in and be valued without buying the latest products, promoted ‘essentials’ and looking like the ‘muse’ of the moment.

It’s important when following social media and browsing in the glossy pages of your favourite mag, to take a step back and embrace who you are. 

Cansu O Photography | Denzel fashion

Use this content to shape your own understanding of yourself, but don’t feel pressured to change.

As you know, I still am a great supporter of looking natural and the cosmetics I use compliment my natural completion and feminine style. Yes it’s difficult when new trends appear and everyone is swarming to the ‘next big thing.’ If I like it, I try it, but would never adapt myself to someone else’s perception of beauty and ‘coolness.’

I understand if your in school or a tight social bubble whether thats offline or online, it’s easy to want to fit in with the social norms and look the same as the “popular crew”(feels so awkward to type ekkk!)

I always remind myself of this story from school:

When I was 15 I wore a vintage baggy jumper that was my dad’s from the 80’s, paired with an old brown satchel bag and a pair of brown moccasins with my uniform.

OH my! Did the other kids take the mick, “you look like Indiana jones” “weeeeird.”I didn’t where the trainers, sports bag and the style of the moment. But what’s funny is these people wear my old style now- because it turned mainstream. At the time I was mortified, but I didn’t change, I knew what I liked.

Now I live in a pretty fashion based environment and we all share a world consumed by trends with the rise of social media and urge to follow each other. The pressure is even more powerful than before, so take this post as a reminder that with trends; embrace them, get inspired by them but never change for them.

Take trends as inspiration, not guidelines.