Beautiful Green London Hotspots you might have not heard of!


‘m always lusting after green spaces, especially when living, working and studying within London city. My blog style has always been quite ‘green’ and natural spaces for my backdrops for fashion shoots to travel, but now living in West London makes this difficult.

On my days off I found myself googling into “green spaces in London” for search for relaxing places to visit, have coffee and escape from the usual city work/blog pressures. My results on the search usually came up with London parks and famous London sky gardens.

So I made it my mission to find some beautiful hotspots that aren’t that talked about. 

These three places aren’t all natural they are simply very beautiful corners I’ve found that are beautifully protected in a eco and green nature. I hope you can enjoy them too and perhaps visit one day- I am certain you won’t be putting your camera down either.

Maria D’suzie Photography | Kew Gardens | Wearing Sundays NYC #ad


ew Gardens is a well known botanical haven. By weekday it’s a beautiful location to hang out, there’s endless corners, conservatories, a lake and fields to relax, unwind and get educated!

I have never visited on weekends due to the masses of tourism the exhibitions hold and I originally I was hesitant to post this as this is really quite famous for exactly these masterpieces (which are incredible!) But the rest of the grounds of Kew Gardens is certainly dismissed, the green space surrounding is a breath of fresh air.

I really wanted to give extra credit to the groundkeepers, gardens and workers that preserve, protect and expand the art within these grounds. If you don’t mind sharing your green space with many, head here, check out the beautiful creations. You will NOT be disappointed.

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Lukes Mews. My favourite green corner in London, it’s tucked away in Notting Hill but certainly is a sight to treasure.

You may recognise this little street from ‘Love Actually’ and apparently on weekends again this attracts many visitors. If i’m ever passing through this area, usually weekdays, it’s such a gorgeous area to grab a coffee and enjoy the beautiful green wrapped in between each of the houses. When can I move in? #Goals!

Location on map.


etersham nurseries.  Tucked away at the side of famous Richmond Park, this little green sanctuary is mainly visited by locals for plants and gardening tools.

Petersham Nurseries hosts a stunning restaurant inside a conservatory of flowers and vines, one of the most picturesque dinning halls by spring/summer. Or if you prefer a quick option, there is a tea house connected to the main garden sanctuary.

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There’s plenty more hotspots up my sleeve, the green one’s are just a first.