Focus: A City Style and Country Heart

Starve your distractions and feed your focus.

A quote to live by? But may be seen difficult when you blog, as your social feed can always be ‘distracted’ by a new theme, idea or creative imagery. Lately I’ve been finding a lovely medium with my niche, and it’s so very refreshing. 

A personal blog can explore any topic from travel, food or trend is incredibly personal to the founder, as a blog reader I immerse myself in other’s views, life and adventure that inspires me further to live life to the full and embrace what I do. 

This made me  take a reflection  on my own creative work, is this really me? Is this what I do daily? Well mostly yes it is, but there are many of parts I do miss out. Studying? Left out. Working and partying? Left out. Country Living? All the time and never reported once. That’s all changing. 

Finding my focus, has taken a long stretch of time and this blog is now more than ever accurate to my reality. I really needed to find this balance and let more of the inner me shine into Georgina Hart’s pages. This step wasn’t too much of a leap but far more of a realisation, why do I never post and discuss these topics? I feel as though I have been very vague in the lifestyle department and left out important factors which I would be happy to explore! Enough rambling and onto the exciting bits…

A city style and country heart: Georgina ♡