Surfs up in Lorne, Australia

Australia, the home to the world’s most stunning coastal landscapes. Now, to be here in the land down under and not take up one of there most famous hobbies, would have been an opportunity missed. So during February I found myself dragging a surf board down the beach into the blue waters in Lorne, surrounded by many other surfing newbies. 

One of the most amazing things about my first time surfing, was of course the SURF itself, but the fact our Australian University (Deakin Wordly) had put all the international students on a coach and whisked us away together to bond by the beach, hiking or a surf. I could only imagine UK universities taking us to the coast to skim some pebbles and complain about the weather. So I was incredibly pleased, I choose such a beautiful (and thrilling) country to study!

I was quite surprised at how quickly our group was picking up the surfing techniques. Lorne was particularly kind of to us this day, as we had the perfect waves to practice. During the end of the session yes, I’d witness someone being hit in the face with a board, being taken under by the current many times and I’d managed to tangle my leg in the surf board rope (ouch!) BUT successfully managed to stand on the board, with balance and catch a few waves in. First time? Not too shabby! From what I’ve gathered if you feel comfortable and confident in your surroundings, you should have a good experience with this sport. (Hey, i’m no expert!) 

I found myself being pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoy this and from then was keen to explore the coastlines and find more surfing locations. The image below is from Phillip Island, a beach called Woolamai which is incredible for surfing too and it’s particularly stunning too (double bonus!.) The fulfillment and satisfaction of being able to balance for the first time was incredible, so credit to all those who do surf and surf well. You must have great stamina and strength. 

I can imagine those i’ve met while surfing or in Lorne may stop by and read this post, so hello to you! Thank you for a sharing such a wonderful experience with me. I hope you enjoyed reading, this very different Georgina Hart post.

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