Australia: Daydream Island

Time to escape away with me to a island called Daydream. A place where kangaroos hop underneath your hammocks and onto the white sands of the Australian beaches. (Yes… this actually happens!) The island with one resort, one harbour, multiple beaches and countless wildlife. A place where lovers cove does exist, sharks and stingrays swim through saltwater lagoons and the local bird is not a pigeon but a parrot. 


Daydream island is one of seven exotic islands called the Molle Group and a sub group of the Whitsunday islands on the Eastern coastline of Australia. The island doesn’t get it’s name from the luxurious experience it gives to visitors, but was named after the first tourist yacht ‘Day Dream’ to discover it’s waters. The island is a mecca for sailing enthusiasts and outdoor activities, that can only be reached by ferry or private boat.  

The one thing that stood out about this island is that there are no cars and the only form of transport is boat or golf buggy. This seemed like a ‘dream’ after living in the bustle of London for two years! From wandering around the island, the rich history of the landscape all became apparent. The island has seen some tough years with the 1970’s cyclone (that had made a full recovery) and the from local Australians battling to keep there tropical islands from the Chinese development companies and transforming the natural beauty into a commercial resort.

The island is currently in the hands of an Australian man, Vaughan Bullivant and only at governmental approval can the island be sold. I do hope that this does not happen, as the islands itself is stunning with natural beauty radiating over man made interference. In my opinion, this is how a tropical island should be. What are your thoughts?

Todays Day dream island is a paradisiacal holiday getaway. Once on the island your free to use any of the pools, beaches and local cafes. It’s so beautifully quaint. We were able to walk around the island in one hour.  Ryan and I were so lucky to be able to discover this treasure while island hopping on the Whitsunday islands (read here!) So grateful we were able to have this romantic experience while the island still has its natural beauty. Stay away redevelopers, I do love Daydream the way it is.

With love,