Alternative ways to Christmas Gifts

I’m no Scrooge, I love giving Christmas presents far more than I like receiving them. Being able to give someone something you’ve worked hard for and seeing the enjoyment in their faces when opening your gift, is like no other. 

In this materialistic world this is the normal thing to do at Christmas, however this season is slightly different for me. I am student and am travelling Australia over Christmas with my partner. Even though I have bought gifts for all my family and for his family, we have to responsibly budget. 

When it comes to buying for my friends, I would rather have memories with them before I leaving for 6 months travelling, rather than a materialistic token. I am sure many others can agree with this post, even if your not a student and just on a budget. 

So here are my alternative ways to Christmas presents, that I feel are far more personal. 

  1. Take your girls/boys out for dinner. Chat, giggle, reminisce on your years adventures. Or if you really want to budget, get a takeout and bring it home for everyone to share.
  2. Go exploring, I am lucky to live so close to central London, the girls and I are able to explore all the iconic locations on our doorstep. Even if your not in a city, go on a hike, walk through the town, find somewhere new.
  3. No secret santa gifts? Do secret santa memories, where each of you picks a location you all have to visit. Or movie to watch? This could end up you in the most bizarre locations or genres! 
  4. Photography albums of your memories together, cheap, simple and extremely personal. 

It’s pretty unusual for a blogger, not to post about materialistic items such as cosmetics ect for Christmas Gifts, but I really do think this is may be more helpful if you are on a budget! Make memories with the ones you love.