Reasons to love Chamomile tea

Take a seat, let’s have a tea talk about one of my new favourites,Chamomile.  

This is tea blend that has slowly become part of my everyday lifestyle. With anything that is new, I’m never keen. However my partner has a theory that if you drink it more then eight times, you’ll end up loving it. I took this to the test and it actually works. 

So what is Chamomile tea? This can also be spelt camomile, the blend originates from a daisy like herb and is ‘renowned in folk and traditional medicines for its health, cosmetic and nutritional benefits.’ According to the official tea talk organisation, this remedy has been around for centuries as a cure for all psychical and emotional concerns. 

What can Chamomile help you with? 

  • SLEEP. Chamomile tea can help you sleep and known for being a ‘night time’ blend. This encourages a good sleeps, free of nightmares and acts as a sedative (supposably.) Goodbye Insomnia? 
  • ANXIETY.In the stressful world we live in today, Chamomile tea can help with anxiety, being upset, worried or even depressed. Chamomile is said to be a natural healer and has been scientifically proven to relief these symptoms. 
  • COLDS. A very good reason to start drinking chamomile, is that is helps boost your immune system and protect you from health issues such as flu, colds, an upset stomach or for your menstrual cycle. 
  • SKIN AND SCALP. This blend can even help sooth insect bites, rashes acne or any other skin irritation. A remedy is to add the tea into your bath regime too!

Chamomile tea is sold in just about any cafe or restaurant, so if you have the chance. Grab a cup to go, you never know this may help you in ways you didn’t even realise!