Problems you will understand if you’re a student fashion blogger.


Researching, writing, and exploring topics. Studying and blogging seem pretty similar right? To me, they are actually ‘worlds’ apart. Most bloggers start out at school, college, sixth form or uni, so I think there are many people that can relate to this.

Problems you will understand if you’re a student fashion blogger. 

  • TO STUDY OR TO BLOG? This one is pretty obvious however it is a tough decision you sit down with a macbook. The urge to not click onto the blogger tab…

  • STUDENT NIGHT OR BLOGGER EVENT? The question I ask myself every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You can wear dresses to both but not those new white, shiny stilettos where you can show them off at a press day or worry not break a leg at a student night. 

  • FUNDING AND MONEY.”That new ‘cosmetic product’ would be perfect with this sponsored ‘item’.” We have all there, we’ve all said it. We are students, funding is little. Although toast and baked beans do not look great on Instagram. How about bacon and avocado bruschetta? 

  • THE PHOTO URGE. At the beginning of each academic year, we have the excitement of buying cute fluffy pens, pineapple printed texts books and many coffee mugs. (You get the idea.) Then when it comes to study and everything in-front of you.. the urge to feature your pretty study desk is real. 

  • MID ESSAY WRITING AND THE BEST IDEA FOR A POST POPS UP. The game of trying to focus, is a hard one to play.