FLOGA | Gatwick Airport Exclusive Launch!

Healthy living doesn’t not have to be a hard routine. We have all had weeks with no motivation or drive to keep our work/studying routines flowing while making time to focus on the health of your body and mind. This is a really important aspect of your lifestyle. 
A important part of my own lifestyle is travel. Both short and long haul flights or any aspect of travelling can have great effects on your body. Last Wednesday, Gatwick Airport hosted an exclusive yoga session to celebrate their new campaign… FLOGA! 

So what is ‘Floga?’ This is a term of flying (travel) and yoga! Gatwick launched this campaign to encourage travellers and holiday makers to relax and unwind before their journey. The international airport has created a private area to unwind with a 20 minute yoga exercise designed by celebrity instructor Shona Vertue

These images are taken from a wonderful, Wednesday morning event hosted in covent garden. The room filled with journalism and blogging talent. The 20 minute routine was certainly a de-stress and something I will definitely consider before being seated for a long haul journey. I really cannot wait to see the public using this facility that Gatwick has thought carefully about!  

This is excellent if you are a nervous flyer and hopefully the opportunity to relax your body will help take pressure of your whole experience travelling. To my surprise, Gatwick is not the first airport to add a new yoga facility. San Francisco International airport also has this thoughtful addition. I really love travelling and now there is something else exciting to add to my list. A Yoga lounge… in a airport? YES! 

See more coverage of the launch in the Telegraph and The Evening Standard. Yes, there is myself, in yoga attire in these papers. *EPPP**