A Londoners Autumn

It was a cold, Monday morning. I had finally come to terms that summer was over and all I could imagine was dull, gloomy, overcast days. But on this Monday morning as I walked to the local tube station. I walked on pavements of gold. 

Not being born a Londoner but in fact a bit of a small town girl, Autumn to me naturally means muddy walks to school, cold sea air and colourful bedding of leaves of comfort my wellies. Well, in London it’s a different story. But one, that is also so quintessentially beautiful. 

Busy coffee shops, cosy cafes, lines of white houses lit by the yellow carpet lining the streets. I noticed people escaped to the parks to see Autumn at it’s peak. It’s turns out Autumn really isn’t that bad in cities. Infact it’s now my favourite time of year in the capital. 

What better way to capture this wonderful time of year with Anita, The Stylish Cupcake, and Fortum and Mason

Wherever you are in the world or the UK, I hope you can appreciate Autumn as much as I have this year.