Over the Skyline

I am skyline obsessed! Recently I can not get my head around why on earth anybody wouldn’t be. If I ever do recommendations on notes la mode, this one is the hitting top! If you live in London, please visit a skyline building and immerse yourself in the beauty of the city.

Recently you may wondering why I am sky garden obsessed. But this is just a perfect example of a stunning view of the city. The advantages of visiting here isn’t just the obvious beautiful views… But a place to reminisce, think or be a social butterfly.

When I last visited the sky garden I explored with my closest friend for yoga and to relax. By taking time out of my normal routine (a mixture of fashion blogger lifestyle and bouncing between typical university student. ) I also discovered a amazing photography location over the city which gave this place a double bonus! 

This isn’t the only place in London to see a beautiful sky line, have a look at some more casual places to see the sights at The Monument Skyline or  Primrose Hill Views

Or if your looking for a more glamorous experience try the quirky rooftop bars London has to offer! 


Enjoy your week xx