London’s most beautiful Roof Garden

London is full of wonderful places to explore, hang out and work. Although I think I have found one of my favourite locations to relax and it’s at the heart of Fenchurch Street. Indoor gardens, yoga classes, a coffee shop and a sky line? The Sky Garden.

I could easily type away and argue this is the most beautiful roof garden in London, it’s one of the only locations where theres a panoramic view of London Bridge across the Thames and beyond. Although I understand this is personal opinion you may find  other the roof gardens in London that offer particular things to ‘suit your fancy.’ 

The Sky Garden for me offers luxurious amenities, my favourite hobby… yoga and coffee among the view of the city. The air is warm and the light is beautiful to shoot my favourite outfits. Today I spent time in CNDirect with this baby blue romper. I absolutely love the marine tones in this particular item, it almost mirrors the outside colourings of the skyline from the indoor garden on a sunny day. Plus the fact that in this little number alongside the exotic gardens, I feel as if i’ve teleported to a tropical paradise with London city views. Bizarre but wonderful. 

One of my many plans is to explore London and visiting more roof top gardens, but until then… this is a favourite location to hang out, shoot and perhaps the odd yoga sesh. (If I feel like an 5.30 start! EP!)Please let me know your best places in London and I will be sure to make a visit. Enjoy your week! XO