Sky Garden Yoga

(6am) ‘Hello Fenchurch street, now tell me which building in the sky yoga?’

An early start, in the dark, doesn’t seem so bad when you pair up with your best friend and head to one of London’s most famous sky gardens. 

Head to toe in H&M Sports wear,  The Stylish Cupcake and I wandered up to the Sky Garden Yoga on Fenchurch Street. This was my first ever time trying out a yoga class so I was pretty nervous about doing it at the prestigious sky garden… 35 floors up above central London. But it was AMAZING. 

First, the location. A tranquil setting with a 360 panoramic view of central London. Breathtaking. The class began at 6.30 so we could watch the slow, September sun rise over the bustling city. 

Yoga is about being at one with your body. Taking time out of your busy lifestyle to focus on yourself and how you feel. With the therapeutic surroundings that was a combination of music, location, clothing and atmosphere. I was able to find a peaceful mind set to focus on breathing and relaxation. My ordinary lifestyle consist of operating Noteslamode, university and two other jobs. This opportunity felt so important to me and to do this with such a amazing girl like Anita (from The Stylish 

When looking at the physical side, my body really surprised me I could do positions I didn’t realise I could and hold them for a few long breaths. “You’ll be doing head stands in two more sessions.” My instructor smiled. It looks like that healthy eating and busy, active lifestyle has paid off. But it only took this session to appreciate what I have been doing in my life. 

To help you focus on your life and breathing, the instructor tells you to concentrate on someone or something particular in your life that you love and cherish. Or someone you’d love to give strength too. I channeled my energy to my mother, who is not herself lately and (queue the corn) focused on Ryan, my boyfriend who is everything to me. If you have ever or do yoga on a basis you find that focusing on a particular thing, enables you to have strength and do things that you never thought you could. 

After the session my body felt relaxed and exercised, I really think I underestimated what a great work out yoga is. Hello new hobby! 

Sky Garden Yoga | H&M Sports wear

I really hope you enjoyed reading about my experience at the Sky Garden, be sure to visit! 

If your in the London area and know of any great yoga locations, please comment below and share with everyone. Or not even yoga, where and how do you relax. Do you go on a walk, massages or particular coffee shops? Please share girls and guys!

With love xx