What do fashion bloggers do?

Creatives, you can look away now. This may seem to be a pretty basic and simple post. However from time to time I always get asked what I actually do. Or what do bloggers do? 
Occasionally people presume we model or are writers. Or we just have have fancy social media accounts. Well we kind of do all those things but there’s far more to it than you think. 

To simplify what we do…

  • Bloggers spend a vast amount of time researching information, trends or related topics to their blog style. This could take hours or minutes depending on the post. 
  • Running a blog is 24/7 hobby/career, it takes over your daily life. OR it is your daily life. 
  • We spent a while figuring out what our demographic would like to read. We research to find out what captures your attention and what is enjoyable or an interesting post. We do this by inspecting analytics via Google accounts or monitoring popular topics. 
  • To ensure the highest quality content we work on creating great visual imagery to support our written or video work. This could take half a day collaborating with a photographer or creating your own photos. 
  • And after the photos, comes the editing. Of both written, video or visual work. (1-2 hours.)
  • WE COLLABRATE! (Yay-this is the part I love!)Bloggers promote and advertise brands that we love, to channel the same ethos of our blog. This could be product placement on our social medias, reviews or a sponsorship. 
  • We run on affiliate programs or sponsorship by your interaction with our accounts! 
  • Finally we spent a while mastering the internet, coding websites or make the whole blog a user friendly and interactive experience for our readers. 

Blogging comes in all shapes and forms from fashion to travel to a blog that can help you work out what a mortgage is. Notes La Mode (my blog) is a personal style blog that covers aspects of beauty, travel and fashion. 

I spent some time summing up what bloggers do on Youtube, towards the end of this video you can see some behind the scenes footage of a bloggers on a photo shoot! ENJOY! XX