‘Tell us more about Boho Chic’


I cannot believe this, it’s the end of August? Already?! I feel like I have blinked and summer has happened so fast. So I feel like it is time to reminisce on my favourite style of the summer so far, ‘boho chic!’

This trend tends seems to make it’s way into every summer for the past few years. The term ‘boho chic’ is a mix of hippie influences and the bohemian style. The trend was particularly associated with model Kate Moss and actress Sienna Miller since the early 1990’s. Even before these two fashion icons of our generation, you would think the care-free 1960’s would have begun this trend. But no! History shows that even in the mid-to-late 19th century women who were creatives such as painters and poets have been documented wearing relativity bohemian pieces. So this trend really dates back. 

Throughout the years the trend has resurfaced and from time to time can be seen in various disguises and has been modernised to suit the changing market. Take a look at my take on boho chic for the city. It’s summery but sophisticated. So perfect for a stroll in central London. However it’s not something someone in the 1960’s would have associated this with the iconic style.  

So why has boho chic been so popular? 

It encapsulates the care-free and airy vibes that all summer months or holidays should bring. Nowadays, you can even find glamorous evening wear that is classed as boho chic. Check out my dress below from ASOS.

What are your thoughts on Boho Chic, I really want to know to create a great mood board of Boho Chic fashionista opinion (yes it will be a real thing!!)

With love, Notes La Mode. x