Graduate Fashion Week 2013

Two years on, I thought I would post some of my work experience from when I was only 16. Here I wrote for TFV Magazine at Graduate Fashion Week.


A fabulous beginning of the day; Esmond Berlin opened the runway, showcasing Anna Wilhelmina designs. Each piece was extremely bold and eye opening creating an interesting street style, this was a theme which was most present on the international runways keeping their designs contemporary however uniquely interesting. Throughout the whole event these graduate students portrayed a vast range of materials from lace to leather.  Sasha Nassar from Istituto Marangoni Paris created a detailed range of lace garments with floral embroidery and netting, making a memorable statement on the runway; this was a great example of how the overseas designers draped their models in truly inspirational street styles.

To match the unique designs, the running and certainly head turning theme was hats. From wire to wool, the head pieces were bold strong creations. A prime positive of the added hats were the matching styles and colours which matched the outfit, one black piece was extremely angular and the hat gave more elegant shapes circling her face. The international shows displayed a vast majority of interesting designs of head pieces too, a striking garment cupped the side of a models face with a gold plate; this was quite a futuristic effect.


Sexy and striking the graduate students of De Montfort displayed a great range of contour designs from Sian Whitefoot’s elegant lace to Christina Hallett-Young‘s bright enticing red one pieces. This all in one striking red leotard was see through this is an extremely popular look which has trended in both outdoor clothing and contour. Christina Hallet-Young transformed this unusual look into a more casual cover up in comparison to other more daring garments, the added delicate lace lining the models collar bone area enhanced an extra elegance which we all desire in contour wear. Staying on the theme of red, Gemma Lawton draped her models in some impressive eye capturing designs; the use of red-orange colour signifies energy and confidence being added onto the roses which lined a beautiful, long dress created a perfect Valentine’s Day gown.

A conventional contour design of the corset appeared on the runway by Louise Watson, edgy but delicate; the shapes enhanced the beautiful natural figure of the models. The combination of blue and white pieces gave a retro twist, reminding us of the famous and glamorous sailor pin up girls. However contrasted with the beautiful attention to detail of embroidery and floral patterned lace Louise Watson over the top created a more elegant touch, perfecting a balance of the edgy shape of the corset and soft elegance.


Faux fur! Trending fast internationally, Edinburgh displayed some finest designs with an extremely popular material. Kathryn Hewitson used a trimmed version creating a chic coat with lined shiny patterns, modern and memorable the fur coats go far from unnoticed on any runway. Another fur layered piece the coat had a marble coloured effect and comfortably hugged the male model, his look seemed perfection within the current high street trends, and he wore detailed laced cream trousers which seemed to express a feminine touch but designed straight legged to give off the masculinity every man desires on leg.

Edinburgh also displayed darker designs, black shiny leather and long gaping capes Melyssa Bates explored sharp and edgy, giving the girls sexy slick back hair and bold popping eye makeup to enhance the strong range. The range consists of dresses, jumpsuits and capes with unique twists connoting strong, powerful women stripping them of innocence and dependence. The added small detail of jewels touched a fun look, transforming some outfits into more streets suave.

Matching suites and patterns, we couldn’t get enough of it. The opening of the show portrayed Edinburgh graduate students design’s at its finest. Fun to watch and colourful, this is a perfect English summer attire; girls walked covering their eyes with a variation of popular chic shades while the bright colours reflected off a good summer inspiration.