Copenhagen Fashion Week 14

A late post on my travels to Copenhagen Last year and my wonderful invites to the Fashion Week Shows! 

I wasn’t sure where to start this post. I have so many memories, highlights and endless stories to my adventures to Copenhagen in Denmark. So I have kept it short and simple! 

My Fashion Week Experience

Fashion week is a place of showcasing, the community of creatives coming together to display and celebrate the talent that comes from the industry. Copenhagen already is a magical city, one that has history, arts, music and style. It is ironic that all the buildings are so old and grand, yet the city feels so young. 

Having the option of being met by the fashion week bus at the airport or my closest friend, Josie, who lives in the city felt so glamourous. I thought of positives when arriving, as the underlining feeling of anticipation and nerves were kicking in as this was my first fashion week abroad. 

My scheduled was heaving, having over 10 invitations to runways, excluding the showroom collections and after parties. I felt as though this was the first taster and glimpse into my fashion week adventures, this week set the bar extremely high. 


  • The city. The famous Nyhavn harbour, historical sights, old cobbled streets. 
  • The weather. Unlike the Uk, barely a light breeze and mild temperatures around Summer Fashion Week! 
  • The Danes. I have never met friendlier faces and welcoming figures. From the stranger who serves us coffee at a small side shop to friends of friends, every-one wanted to share their stories and party! One of my most favourite memories, started at after a runway shows at 2 in the afternoon. My friend and I were chatting over champagne curiosity of Mercedes Benz who were sponsors of CFW. Suddenly we were approached by a rushed young woman, who asked us if we wanted to go to her after show party, she said. ‘free beer, sun, gardens and sunglasses.’ Of course we spontaneously said yes. After being rushed into a massive taxi, with what seemed like the host of the party, we exchanged business cards and thought to ourselves. Maybe we should be aware of stranger danger? I am very glad I stuck to my trusting streak as this was one of best afternoon parties we discovered. Blue skies, discovering a new brand, PR’s and SOL beer. Thank you fashion week stranger. 
  • Boats.Copenhagen is surrounded by beautiful seas and endless harbours. I am very lucky that my closest friends parents, own their own sailing boat. After a rushed day, we could chill back and sail away through the picturesque canals and deep blue seas.  

I have people to thank for this experience, the fashion companies and PR’s for the invites to fashion week. Most importantly two of the closest friends that I class as family, Josie and Maddie. Who never fail to be so great and made this whole experience even more sentimental. Love you girls. Very much.