Valentines (Competition!)

One of my favourite locations in London, mostly lies near the banks of the Thames. Over valentines weekend I spent some time in Richmond for sun, strolls and sunday lunch. Typically British food and location, what a wonderful weekend which I thank my boyfriend for, Ryan. 

 I absolutely love sharing competitions from my favourite brands and these are primarily fashion, although recently I have been in contact with Bass Buds. These luxury ear phones are well known for glamour and comfort. There collections range from ‘classic’ to ‘fashion’ all high performance and you can accessorise them!  

I encourage you all to take part in the Bass Buds competition, all it involves is you taking part with a loved one, uploading a selfie or favourite image and enter your details! Then possibly you could a wonderful valentines package at your doorstep, containing 24 Carat Gold headphones and a Harvey Nichols shopping trip.  

Good luck