Take a look at my daily essentials 


Watch:Hugo Boss

Fragrances: Signature Fragrances 

Bag:Long Champ

Phone Case:Hugo Boss

Magazines:British Vogue

Camera: Olympus Pen Generation


I am 98% positive a look into any bloggers bag is an uncanny replica of the first image. Magazines, cameras and phone tucked away in handy totes! From university to shopping, these items travel most places with me.  

Two new scents which have been added to my collection are from Signature Fragrances. What smell do you like? For morning and daytimes I have always been pleased with lively and refreshing fragrances. My first ever designer perfume ranged over Marc Jacobs Daisy Collection, I think that was down to the flowery packaging which me as a twelve year old fell for. Throughout the years, my scent journey has matured though and my cabinet consists of primarily Hugo Boss and Chanel. 

Perfume is a personal thing and looking at all five senses. A scent can add an extra touch to your look of the day. The first fragrance from Signature Fragrances encapsulated my ideal morning freshener. This one was called ‘Lilly.’ A little goes a long way with this scent, but it has such distinctive and fresh tones. 

It was wonderful that this tiny netted black bag contained two scents. The second ‘Endure’has a muskier and warmer vibes. This is a much calmer and deeper scent, I imagined this scent being a perfect aroma for relaxing environments. 

Recently I have been taking the calmer route at university, and enjoying just chilling with girls, so maybe this scent may be put to use on the regular. From freshers week, we always enjoy hanging out at the quirkiest spot on campus, The Hive. For me, I absolutely love the decor (seen above) I am hoping that more cafes take a leaf out of this beaut, coffee haven.