Day 1- London Fashion Week

As we wondered into London Fashion Week, I was memorised by the amount of looks captured within the walls of Somerset House. All styles were acceptable from classic to punk to ones I could not even name. 

Fashion week is one of the only places where it’s acceptable to snap away at a strangers outfit without hiding behind your camera. Everyone was into everyones look. Anita and I hadn’t discussed our OOTD of day one of LFW so our white dresses weren’t planned. I think the main comment from our fashion pals was, ‘I didn’t get the white memo.’ We all laughed, I guess when two minds think alike theres no need for discussion.  

OOTD: This wonderful white piece is from TFNC London which is an online retailer, but if you desire to try on the piece, Topshop Oxford Circus has a concession stand containing some of their new collection! Accessorising this look, I accompanied by handy Longchamp tote which was ideal for holding all the days essentials including camera equipment and evening attire. Lastly thank you Zara for allowing me to discover these brown suede heels which remained comfy until the last few hours (impressive for new heels and first time worn!)