Two of my favourite things are art and breakfast, therefore this post incorporates my two favourites things of last week.


 On the monday I spent some time out of prepping for the madness of fashion week and spent a day with my lovely older sister. Although the temptation to peak around Somerset House led me to a photography exhibition in a different wing of the manor. 

Guy Bourdin, was a french fashion photographer famously known for his work in Vogue Paris and is provocative fashion images. His work displays a radical alternative to fashion photography as he plays with breaking the balance of the conventional. 

If you have a chance to pop down to somerset house this week, visit this exhibition as well be indulged in the madness and glamour of fashion week. 

Address: Strand, London WC2R 1LA


Another adventure which the girls and I embarked on last week was to find the infamous Cereal Killer Cafe. I’ve never been so amazed by so many different tastes and brands of cereal shipped in worldwide. The girls and I chose to create cereal cocktails accompanied by your choice of flavoured milk! This little wonder can be found on Brick Lane in London and it surrounded by countless shift shops, so you can definitely make a day of it!