Photography:Robyn Marks



Goodbye festive season! 2014 had treated me very well and Christmas wrapped up the year delightfully. This was my first visit back to my small home town from living in the capital city of London. It came to my attention how different life is from city to town and this has  reflected on my style. Less florals to more monochrome, i’m undecided whether its the fact our style develops as we get older or my surroundings influenced how we would like others to see us. 

This one thing with fashion is that we have the power to change how others see us. I think it’s takes time for a person to really find their individual style. At high school and sixth form I was convinced that I was dressing to what I felt had captured ‘me’ but  in reality it was a stage of exploring. 

Noteslamode, allows me to scroll through my years of blogging and see how my style has developed. Not just for pure interest. But now i’ve identified for my body type and style suits myself the best. Although you do not just have to be a blogger to do this, check out you’re own Facebook/twitter photos. You never know what you might want to dig out of your wardrobe again! 

This photoshoot style: 

One of my most used items is this long sleeved grey dress from Yoins.  From day to night it is perfect for a casual to dressy look. 

Daytime wise: I paired this with thick winter socks, scarf and boots. The dress itself is simplistic which is one of my favourite trends. However the feature tied in the middle creates a great focal point and is also flattering for most body types as it’s tightening the waist. 

Nightime: Take off those winter items and replace with a nude or black pair of heels. 

Being a student, blogger and explorer. For me this is a great item when I never have time to stop and get ready again! I’m sure this is handy for everyone. 

Hope you all had a amazing Christmas and New Year.