Top:Flying Wardrobe

Skirt:Flying Wardrobe

Photography:Robyn Marks


HEY 2015! 

I have begun this year in my home town on the English Coast, which is very different to city life. Long dog walks through the countryside, hidden coffee shops and meeting old friends in little pubs. I am extremely grateful that my dad allows me to have a extra wardrobe at home with my more country pieces stored away.

When I was thrift crazy (tamed myself down a little now) I bought a thick sheep skinned jacket from a uniques fair in Maidstone Kent. Extra, extra large and some would say far to big for my persons. But I was in love. Therefore welcome to my wardrobe. We’ve all been there! 

It’s such a fab item for cold days when you’re exploring the countryside as it features deep pockets and comfort. Minus the pockets but another favourite featured in this shoot with Robyn, is my two piece from Flying Wardrobe.  I’ve always been so in love with the two piece trend and this was a beautiful gift a few months ago. Unfortunately i’ve been unable to show you a full set of images until now but it was so worth the wait! 

Something to love about the striking yellow is that is was so different to anything i’ve owned and worn. You’d think it would be hard to pair, but the shaping and colour on black created a quirky look with anything. For example in London it’s great underneath a smart cream coat and back on the coast, a thick sheep skinned jacket. Two completely different styles using the same pieces. 

This year try to find something you wouldn’t normally choose and be pleasantly surprised. I sure have!