Top:Front Row Shop

Shorts:Desire clothing




Photography:Robyn Marks

Camera:Olympus Pen


OOTD: Monochrome! Normally I love mixing colours and statement looks but roaming around my little town I was quite comfortable in a basic white top, black shorts and wintery socks. Sounds basic right? This was one of my favourite looks.  Front Row Shop white top had a gorgeous feature which i’ve been eager to share. Simplistic at the front but folds open at the back, with the wintery look it adds an interesting focal point. Definitely keeping my eyes pealed on the market for another key item like this one! Bravo Front Row! 

Introducing Olympus Pen: 

Not one for posting about my Christmas gifts, but this little beauty is certainly worth mentioning. After months for debating whether to invest in a new camera and what would be most suited to a blogging lifestyle, Christmas concluded my decisions! My adventures will now be captured on my Olympus Pen. 

I felt that it’s important this as I am so pleased with the new addition. As well as being a stunning frame, white and grey with that vintage feel. The camera quality is unreal. For now this is only an introduction but I will be reviewing the item in the next few months after I’ve made good use and hands on experience with it at fashion week! 

As always I wanted to try out a few snaps using the Olympus Pen before a student night with two of my closest. (See Below)

Have a fab week.