Top (Above): Front Row Shop

With all the buzz about the city recently featured in songs (George Ezra) and Wes Anderson movies. Over Christmas my family ventured over to the city which was quite like no other. 

In December the Hungarian capital should be under at least 3 feet of snow, although the sun lit up the streets for the whole week we visited. From architecture and history to bars, I had no idea how such a compact city had so much to offer. 

My 21 year old sister are complete opposites in both appearance and personality although we share the same lust to explore and travel. Katie has always had a love for history and all things old whereas my mind was more focused on vintage clothes and adventure. 

Although we are opposites, she has taught me a lot which I am extremely grateful for. One of which is to appreciate my surroundings and ensure to take all opportunities available. The thing is all attractions from ancient libraries, underground tunnels to thermal spas, were available. So Katie’s agenda consisted of EVERYTHING. I’m thankful for it now instead of a relaxing experience, just wandering, as I really got to experience all what the city has from then to now.

I am a lover of art, both modern and old. The first attraction we stumbled into looking for coffee and some Hungarian dishes turned out to be the national gallery. One of my favourite moments by far! Alongside the szechenyifurdo thermal spas, simply incredible in the  daytime but breathtaking at night, as the staff lit the waters up. What I found most interesting is that it’s open all year, from sun to snow. Here I was able to feature my Triangl swimwear gift from last summer while my sister rocked the 2014 River Island collection. 

Hope you enjoy the selected photos from this little Christmas travel. 

Happy New Year