A R T Y & F A S H I O N



Crop Top:Topshop

Shorts:Urban Outfitters

Two floral two piece:Flying Wardrobe

Art:Hannah Adamaszek

Location:Crystal Palace

Photography:Haylee Soma


Mixing art and fashion together was one of my favourite collaborations since the start of blogging. Throughout my journey into the fashion world, i’ve learnt that opportunities to do come exploring and meeting future contacts in the strangest and most bizarre places. This one began in my universities laundry room.

If you’re a student you’ll understand that rainy days are catch up on reading or washing. Just by chance Hawaiian photographer Haylee Soma decided this was also her days plan. Roehampton is a stunning university and normally fully equipped but on this rainy day, two out of the six washing machines were working. So around the complaining to fellow clothes washers, Haylee and I’s conversation emerged that we both were in the same industry with the same goals and interests. 

Since our random meeting, Haylee proposed a collaboration around the busyness of our degrees and personal work. Here I was introduced to the extremely talented Hannah Adamaszek, her work is nothing like i’ve seen before so please check it out, it is just wonderful. Our master plan was to shoot together and recreate the paintings using myself. I couldn’t begin to explain the excitement as this was nothing like I have done before. No OOTD’s, no small cafes. But mixing together art and fashion photography! 

We set of to Crystal Palace where Hannah had walls of street art which lit up the alleys. The three of us used our creative minds to produce Haylee and Hannah’s vision. Turning a small side street into a photography haven. Both girls are so talented so please show you’re appreciation and check out both their pages (linked above.)

Hope you enjoyed this very arty and different post.