Reminiscing on the summer

Reminiscing on the summer 


Photographer:Taken Photography

Location:Kensington Palace

Clothing:Topshop-Oxford Circus

MUA:Lisa Fahey


Autumn has arrived! So this may be the last post embracing the simple crop top and skirt combination. Of course, if you are Australian, I for one, am extremely jealous you’re heading into summer. This is by far my favourite season. However winter is much better for styling as there are much more clothing options by layering. The textures, colour and different warm fabrics can come out of the closest! I hope this has made us Brits feel a little happier. 

The summer collections have been stunning this year with a excellent showcases which can be seen from the high street to reminiscing on the spring/summer runways. My outfit within this set of images with Taken Photography displays a style which I adopted throughout the summer. 

The crop top. Although this is a common high street trend, they can be styled or found in a variety of different looks. This particular piece from Topshop ties at both the chest and bottom, this creates great shape for the body. Lisa Fahey, the stylist and photographer, paired the item with a denim skirt with embroidery around the hem. Both items can still be found online, if you’re heading into summer I recommend the new collection, ‘Hotshop,’ the link can be found here. 

Closer to my new home of Roehampton Uni, I have a new role as president at our brand new society RU FASHION. This is a new society for anyone who appreciates and is interested in the fashion industry and related topics! 

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This is our creative outlook including the photos from events, street style on campus, fashion tips and so on. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to have any input as all suggestions are welcome, we hope to be a growing society through out the year. The more people, the bigger events, so spread the word and share this page with your friends.

Have a great week! 

Love G.