OTTD’s & life of a Journalism Undergrad.

OTTD’s & life of a Journalism Undergrad

I’ve began the next stage of education and am growing accustom to living away from home. I could be enjoying university more. If you haven’t heard of Roehampton, it is in the South West of London about 20 minutes away from the iconic and central areas. Roehampton is beautiful. The campus consists of lakes, grand houses and greenery! Making London feel more homely. 

Here I am studying Journalism and hopefully to specify in fashion where I can. So far I would recommend this course to anyone, an extremely challenging aspect of this is the module in Shorthand. MY OH MY. This could possibly be one of the hardest linguistics I have studied. But the challenge has been accepted! For any aspiring journalists, shorthand is said to be essential and this can make you more appealing to particular employers. So if you are looking into university courses, have a look into the shorthand module opportunities! 

Since the craziness of freshers week, I promised myself to be healthy and detox as much as possible. Within the campus coffee shops, Naked smoothies are only £2. Thank you to whoever made that possible. My personal favourite Naked smoothie is the Blueberry Machine, however all types count as one of your five a day! Not only this but Kettle Vegetable chips have become one of my top guilty pleasure foods alongside the classic uni dish, tinned peaches. I would like to argue these are the healthiest snack options, maybe not. 

Most of these snaps above, you may recognise from my Instagram, this will be my main feed of my daily antics! 

Read More to see some of my university OTTD’s featuring Chiara Fashion and Red Label.

Summer days


Photographer:Robyn Marks

Clothing:Chiara Fashion



Photographer:Katya Schulz



Cardi:Red Label


My first OTTD in the set above is a casual look that has been captured recently by Robyn Marks, this outfit is primarily Chiara Fashion. The jumper has great diversity as this could be used for parties or day wear. The material is thick and of top quality, something which is always key to look for in an item. The gold and black mini shorts are super for the evenings and have a great flattering shape to them! 

Following this set is my second most common OTTD for university days, a Topshop playsuit and my now-well-used cardi from Red Label. This throw on cardi has turned into one of my most used items as it goes with absolutely anything. The threading and detailing of the piece adds a wonderful touch creating a unique item for my wardrobe! 

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