Welcome to Autumn!

Welcoming Autumn


Photographer:Robyn Marks

Location: Seaside town in England

Dress:Angel Eye Fashion

Boots: Zara 13′ Collection


The season of warm colours is rapidly approaching. We have so much to look forward too, cold days with hot coco, films and the extra layers of scarf’s and jackets. But shockingly the English weather has once again surprised us! All you Brits will agree with me that  the September weather has treated us extremely well. 

The set of images above have captured one of my OTTD’s from the beginning of Autumn(outfit of the day.) I love wearing this particular piece due to the warms tones and detailed patterns of the dress. This statement item is from Angel Eye Fashion  and can be paired with simplistic items such as my black Zara Boots and Matte Chanel lipstick. 

With any detailed pattern and statement piece, simple items can compliment the item well and these will ensure you are not over-doing your look. However if you are confident in experimenting try out using different shades and textures in lipstick. For example if your dress has orangey red tones, a matching shade of lippy will make this colour pop from your outfit! 

Hope you all have had a great September so far!