Special Occasions with Jones & Jones.

Special Occasions with Jones & Jones.


Photographer: Robyn Marks

Dress:Jones and Jones

Setting:South East Countryside


Since I have been accepted into Uni and knowing that I will be moving away to London, I have spent time appreciating where I have grown up and the beautiful surroundings of the English Countryside. I am a wanderlust so few the past few years I have always been seeking new areas and failed to see the beauty in where I am from. It’s ironic that when you go to leave somewhere, you start to appreciate what you have. My new London life will hopefully consist of more posts for Notes La Mode, so I thought the next few posts should incorporate my home areas and my favourite brands. Let’s be a little reminiscent.  

Jones and Jones are truly amazing for special occasion attire and have appeared in many of my posts throughout the year. There clothing has such elegance and unique designs which are two essential things to look for in a fancy evening or event. The collections are so beautiful and if you have a spare few minutes, check out their website (Jones and Jones.) And you may find yourself that little number you were looking for. I have a variety of garments from their collection hanging in a wardrobe and get too excited when I know there is event or evening to wear them. 

This particular dress will be venturing with me on my travels and move to London.

All the best,