Photographer:Robyn Marks



Skin Care:Style Lux


Minimalism is one of the most easiest fashion trends to follow, as little is much more. As you all know my personal style consists mainly of patterned dresses and beach hair. So for a little change, I decided to have short, natural chop and play around with styling. 

‘Little is more’

The saying is one to follow.The dress featured in the set above, is one which I use constantly from TFNC. It’s great for partying to sensible diner evenings. To show it’s amazing diversity, I choose to shoot with the dress inside in the relaxed atmosphere. What I most love about this item is it’s simplicity. I had the option of pairing it with all kind of jewellery and jackets, but it seemed silly too when it’s so elegant alone.

 Not only with clothing but also with cosmetics. I for one, love applying make up and in fact it is something I enjoy on a daily routine. However I try to use little for natural look, sometimes this can be hard to achieve. As we go through our teenage years, your skin can be unpredictable. We can be prone to spots and blemishes, which in an instant can be covered by a good foundation and concealer. 

This is not a cosmetics post but little recommendation to your skin care. Over a period of six weeks,I’ve been trialling with style lux  who provide creams for spots. (As featured in images above.) I have been monitoring the effects and changes which this cream has made to my skin. I am pleased to say that the changes are fab!

Applying a mask weekly, has allowed me to see the blemish changes and made a defensive against spots. Not only does my skin look better, but it also feels fresh and breathable. For us Fashion bloggers, this is brill as the amount of constant beauty products on our skin can’t be healthy. So it was a delight to have this Style Lux cream on hand at the end of the week. 

Hope everyone has had a good week.