Freshers Outfit No.1

Freshers thinking NO.1


Photographer:Robyn Marks

Dress:Style Moi

Jacket: Burberry London


It’s Freshers week for many across the country! I have just started my first week at Roehampton University in London, my oh my do I love it. This week has been absolutely incredible and I have never felt more comfortable in a new environment. Throughout the coming weeks I shall be posting a vast amount on my new time here in the South West region. For now, I will take a few steps back.

Previous to freshers week, the girls of Roehampton took to Facebook and created a ‘Roehampton Freshers Outfits’ page. This allowed us newbies to share information on what we were all individually planning on wearing or worries into what we should be wearing. As most girls, I was delighted to discover this page and read what each person had to say. 

Pre planning outfits and the brainstorm sessions began, this chat triggered my thinking into each night and what items to pack for my new home on campus. One dress which is featured in the images above was an essential item. This is from Style Moi an online retailer! The cut of the dress is what draws me to this piece, with an open back and front. This may seem very daring, but the length and material of the dress ensures a classy and elegant look. The item came to great use during this week on one of the biggest nights with my new university. 

Have you started freshers? I would love to know about your new experiences and fashion thoughts on the week!