Beach Hut: The Out-takes

The Out-takes 


Photographer:Robyn Marks

Location: Hythe Sea Front

Coat:Fashion Union


Camera Strap:colibristraps


Flying the nest from a small seaside town to the capital city. It’s been all round overwhelming but I have enjoyed every single minute. Leaving home allows you to find yourself and where you place yourself in a new environment. I have found that my new friends embrace my strong interest in fashion and some of them are also bloggers too! Check out the links below:

Faith Warde


Anita Fosen

Enjoying my time here at Roehampton University in London makes me reflect on my home town of Hythe and how pretty the area was. Even though the university has a stunning campus and rated one of the most gorgeous uni’s having lakes and old mansion buildings, I can’t help but miss the seaside setting where I have grown up. 

Taking the memorabilia to my new fancy pad of a dorm room at Roey, I couldn’t help but leave behind my film camera. colibristraps  kindly provided me with a beautiful camera strap for my travels, handmade and of great quality. This is a highly recommended product and makes it more personal to me rather than the dusty Pentax strap which my pa had used since the 80’s. 

Throughout the series of images above, I have featured my most favourite coat of all. My Boucle baby blue Boyfriend Coat from Fashion Union. This is a exclusive item which I am very thankful for, you will be seeing this product in their new a/w (Autumn/Winter) collection. Thick and cosy is everything to desire in a winter favourite. Plus the beautiful material and fresh colour is a eye catching piece for the high street and travels. 

Hope everyone is enjoying their week.