All in the details

All in the details 


Photographer:Taken Photography

Location:Kensington Palace 

Dress: Darling

MUA:Lisa Fahey 


The first thing that crossed my mind when receiving this little white dress was how beautiful the details were. A pattern so simple yet brought the dress to life. Sometimes smaller details in clothing can make a bigger statement, rather than bright colours or attention grabbing patterns. 

Shift dresses are by far one of the most comfortable styles of dress to wear with no tightening waists, the item will hang from you and swing when walking. I believe movement in a dress is extremely elegant and feminine. Even though shift dresses may not be flattering for all figures, it’s a item which most of us have in our wardrobes at one point in our fashion journeys. 

This particular shift dress is from Darling, from first impressions the name signifies luxurious and sweet. Viewing their collections,we can see it is just that. Each item has a certain romance to them and this can be seen within the set with the white shift dress. From a reviewing perspective, this item is of great quality with two layers to ensure the white material was not transparent. This is always a great thing to look out for! 

Hope you all have a great Monday