take me anywhere

‘Take me anywhere’



Location: Holland Park London
Photographer: Cansu O
Play-suit: Desire Clothing


Today was exceptionally hot for a normal summers day in London. After wandering, thifting and exploring, London parks are the best place to hang with pals and r-e-l-a-x. Having exposed myself to the sun all month with holidays and sunny Sundays, I thought a well needed cover up would be good. I selected my Desire Clothing play-suit, which covers shoulders, arms and all areas which may have been UV effected. 
By having the netting (as seen in photos) this still allowed me to breath in the summer heat, if buying summers outfits it’s always handy to look out for items with this special feature. As is it more than likely you will be able to wear them through seasons. 
What I loved about the pastel pink play-suit is that you could style it in two ways, baggy or with a tightened waist. Being petite, tightened waists are always the more flattering option! However if you’ve got the height, you’ve got the option. 
I accessorised this item with a flower crown and my Office Uk shoes, to create more of the summers look, this also added vintage tones to the entire look and made this more personal to me. 

Hope you’re all enjoying the sun!