Lines of rainbow pastel

Not being too far from London, it’s always nice to venture around on those what to do days. Today I had the pleasure of meeting a very talented and beautiful american photographer- Ali. Bubbly, smiley and over coffee Ali told us all about her travels, starting from her home town in Minnesota USA to LA to Dublin and straight down to London. She a very kind and caring girl, so it was such a wonderful day to work with her shooting for inlovewithfashion. Another high to the day was one of my closest friends ventured around with us too, she’s very gorgeous, I only wish we had a few more snaps of her to share. Camera shy Evie?

This location of Nottinghill was perfect to showcase LOVE’s new pink pastel collection, it’s well known that the area contains lines of rainbow pastel houses. I fell in love with this play-suit and matched it up with my retro turquoise earrings and H&M floral fitted jacket.



Location wise we travelled from Camden, to Hyde Park and caught the tube over to Portabello Road by Nottinghill. I love to adventure, so it was a bonus that we had no specific set or location.. we could just explore. We chatted about our different cultures, which don’t seem too different but I guess it’s always the little things which stand out. Ali has truly inspired me to travel over to the US and explore the smaller towns.


This set.


Photographer- Alix Rae Photography


After the shoot, saying good-bye to Ali was extremely sad, both Evie and I felt we had known her for ages and she soon was to head home to the US. It was wonderful to receive some off set takes of Eve and I being silly. I hope to work with Ali soon and she’s a fantastic photographer please check out her on facebook..




Hope you have a good rest of the week,